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Tools for Pastors and Churches Using This Book

Click on the title of a resource to view its PDF file, which you may download and print. The author provides the reader permission to reproduce these resources in any format for educational use, provided that any reproduction includes all pages of the original, Mark’s contact information, and this copyright information.

  1. Use Jesus' Disciple-Making Method to Transform Your Church. Learn how to transform your church membership to improve commitment, increase local mission outreach, and grow your church. Go from 20% active members to 80% (7 pages). 
  2. Using the Book in Disciple Making. Learn 8 ways to use the book in your discipleship and disciple-making ministries (4 pages). 
  3. Using the Book in Small Group Studies. A thorough guide to using the book in a small-group study which anyone can start. Includes how to start a small group or small-group ministry, a list of available tools for using the book, suggested lesson and reading plans for 8- and 1-year studies,  and more. (12 pages).
  4. Sample 3-Year Curriculum for Disciple Making. This is the actual schedule of courses Mark Gardner uses in his small-group ministry in existing churches. For new church starts or a group just for new believers, Mark would begin with Year 3 of the schedule, followed by Years 1 and 2, and then multiplying the group. Includes explanatory notes. (4-page spreadsheet; replaces an older 4-year schedule).
  5. Using the Book in an All-Church Campaign. A guide to creating and running an all-church study of the book. Includes a timeline for planning and conducting the campaign, complete sermon outlines for an 8-week study, and a suggested schedule of sermons and reading for a 1-year campaign. (36 pages).

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