Bonus Resources Mentioned in the Book

Bonus Resources Mentioned in the Book

Click on the title of a resource to view its PDF file, which you may download and print. The author provides the reader permission to reproduce these resources in any format for educational use, provided that any reproduction includes all pages of the original, Mark’s contact information, and this copyright information.


  1. Is Your Thinking Healthy?
  2. Are You Sabotaging Your Life Success?
  3. Are You Sabotaging Your Communications?


  1. New Testament Proof that God's Kingdom is Here (3 pages)
  2. The Five Dimensions of Life.  A table listing the elements of each dimension (spiritual, intellectual, emotional, relational, physical) (1 page).
  3. Mark's Story. How the author came to know God and apply God's principles and skills in order to experience more of the Abundant Life (7 pages)
  4. 9 Ways God Speaks to Us. A printable version of the content from Chapter 13, Understanding What God Says to You (2 pages).
  5. Using the Lord's Prayer to Organize Your Prayer Life (3 pages)
  6. How God Shaped Me to Serve Him. An exercise that will help you identify the many gifts God has used to shape your life, and the life purpose (personal mission) he has given you (3 pages).
  7. My Short-Term Life Plan for the Next 12 Months.  An exercise to help you apply the book's content by discerning God's plan for helping you grow to be more like Jesus, achieve your God-given life purpose, and experience more of the Abundant Life. Includes a way to take inventory of your life. (12 pages).
  8. God's Basic Truths About You. Use this list to build your self-worth by basing your self-esteem on what God says about you (2 pages).
  9. How Healthy Are Your Boundaries?
  10. 131 Ideas for Soothing Stress  Try these ideas for managing stress or reducing worry and anxiety to find which work for you (2 pages).


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