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Mark Gardner is a master life skills coach and expert disciple maker who has helped over 3,000 people to transform their lives based on Jesus' disciplemaking method and God's New Testament principles and skills. Mark does this based on his 35+ years of experience as a Christian psychotherapist and addictions counselor, life skills coach, and ordained pastor.

He is the author of Driving Through Heaven and What One Person Can Do to Save and Improve Their Marriage or Any Relationship (e-book format only), both to be published in 2016.

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God Shaped Mark’s Life to Become a Life Skills Coach

God used a variety of experiences and occupations to equip Mark for his current ministry as a master Christian personal life skills coach and church trainer and coach. His God-given mission is to empower people and churches to experience the Abundant Life Jesus promised.

God led and helped Mark to reinvent himself several times. Following college, he served as a U.S. naval officer for four years on a ship and in Puerto Rico, before becoming an inner-city, medical social worker in Dayton, Ohio. In 1983, the Lord called him into what would become a total of 20 years of full and part-time service as a pastor to 5 churches in Ohio. He took a break from pastoring in the 90s to become a Christian psychotherapist and addictions counselor for over 10 years before returning to pastoring in 2000.

Other Experiences

Along the way in life, Mark also worked for short stints as a janitor, emergency medical technician, hospital chaplain, hospice social worker and counselor, and spiritual director of an Emmaus Walk-related community. With another pastor, he co-founded Ashtabula County, Ohio Habitat for Humanity, and a few years later, co-founded the Preble County, Ohio Domestic Violence Roundtable.

The Start of Life Skills Coaching

While counseling people, Mark realized that life skills coaching was a better approach for most people, who don’t have a true mental illness, but simply need someone to teach them the skills to overcome problems, and learn to excel at God’s design for life. In 2005, he created Gardner Coaching, a private practice as a personal life skills coach and disciple maker.

Mark earned a Master of Ministry degree from Earlham School of Religion, Richmond, IN, and a B.A. in psychology from Miami Univ., Oxford, OH. He was ordained as a Protestant minister in 1987.


Disciplemaker and Life Coach to People Everywhere

As a master life skills coach, Mark Gardner teaches and mentors motivated people, pastors, and churches to apply God’s biblical principles and skills for living. He has created and taught seminars, workshops, and courses on more than 100 different topics related to Christian living and life in God’s church family. Throughout his career, Mark has worked one-on-one with over 3,000 people.

As an expert disciple maker, Mark has created and led small group disciplemaking ministries in every church he served. Today, he trains pastors and churches how to use Jesus’ disciple making method to transform and grow their churches, which the early church used to grow from 120 to more than 30 million by A.D. 310.

Mark works by phone with people and churches everywhere, and for those that live near him, in his Eaton, Ohio office. Contact information is listed below.


Family Life

Mark and Christie Gardner met in college and were married in 1976. Since 1992, they’ve lived in the small, farming community of Eaton, Ohio. They have survived raising two smart and creative children into their mid 20’s, and currently live with two cats and a dog.

Mark says that he is convinced that God made him to live somewhere on a tropical beach, and can’t figure out why his heavenly Dad has forgotten this fact. “I miss the ocean and like to get there whenever I can, which is only every few years.” He enjoys reading about Christian living and life in God’s family, and is a fan of novels, movies, and railroads.

Mark at home with his family

Mark at home with his family

Contact Mark Gardner

To learn more about Mark’s ministry as a disciplemaker and life skills coach, please visit his website at www.GardnerCoaching.com, where he writes occasional blog posts on Christian living, disciple making, and church life.

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